Astrogeology Science Center

Sols 1516-1520: Playing in the Sand

14 November 2016

We’re continuing to make steady progress, with successful drives interspersed with plenty of good science. In the Sol 1516 plan, we started off with a Mastcam mosaic of “West Mesa” to study the stratigraphy, followed by a big 5x5 point ChemCam analysis on the nodular target… Read More

Sols 1514-1515: Touch and Go at Southwest Harbor

7 November 2016

Our weekend plan was successful, with lots of good observations and a 43 meter drive. Today’s 2-sol plan starts out with a brief contact science block, during which MAHLI will observe the target “Southwest Harbor”. After that, we have a remote sensing block. ChemCam will observe… Read More

Sols 1511-1513: Brushing Penobscot

4 November 2016

After driving over 40 meters on Sol 1509, MSL is ready for the 3-sol weekend plan.  There are a couple of good-sized outcrops in the arm workspace, so we're planning contact science on Sol 1511.  But first, Navcam will look for clouds and ChemCam will observe bedrock targets named… Read More

Sols 1509-1510: No contact science

2 November 2016

MSL drove another 44 meters on Sol 1508, ending up in an area that again is partly covered by dark sand.  There aren't any very compelling targets within the arm workspace, so we decided again to forgo contact science, and focused instead on remote observations.  Planning is… Read More

Sol 1508: A sandy spot

1 November 2016

MSL drove almost 30 meters on Sol 1507, into an area with more dark sand than we have been seeing recently.  Because only a few rocks are exposed in the arm workspace, the tactical team decided against contact science in favor of maximizing the drive distance on Sol 1508.  The view… Read More

Sol 1507: What’s lurking in Blackwoods and Witch Hole Pond?

31 October 2016

Happy Halloween from Mars! Over the weekend Curiosity drove 51 m further to the south, and we continue to investigate the Murray formation.  I was the GSTL and KOP today (what a treat!) and we had a busy morning trying to decide whether or not to do contact science or more remote sensing.… Read More

Sols 1504-1506: A "Wonderland" of Interesting Targets

28 October 2016

It’s Friday, so that means we have another busy weekend plan! Our 37 meter drive yesterday brought us to a very interesting location with lots of targets to choose from in front of the rover. The weekend plan starts off on Sol 1504 with ChemCam and Mastcam observations of the veins… Read More

Sol 1503: Simple Plan

28 October 2016

Everything went well in yesterday’s plan, with our drive taking us 25 meters farther along our “Mt. Sharp Ascent Route.” We started the day with some challenges caused by connectivity issues with team members outside of the US, particularly the ChemCam team. They were able to get… Read More

Sol 1502: Short Drive

26 October 2016

Yesterday’s 46 meter drive went well, and the plan for Sol 1502 is to have another pretty typical remote sensing and driving sol. The Sol 1502 plan starts out with ChemCam observations of the bedrock target “St. Saveur” and an interesting transition between light-toned and… Read More

Sol 1501: Welcome to Bar Harbor

25 October 2016

On Sol 1500 Curiosity drove 30 m to the south, crossing into a quadrangle that we informally named “Bar Harbor,” after Bar Harbor, Maine.  As a reminder, prior to landing we divided up the landing ellipse and nearby areas into square quads (1.5 km on a side), and assigned each quad… Read More