Astrogeology Science Center

Sol 1536: Drilling "Precipice"

30 November 2016

The cross-contamination experiment and cleaning of CHIMRA went well, so we are ready to drill into the Precipice target!  Past drilling activities have made use of both rotation and percussion, but percussion has caused intermittent short circuits occasionally since Sol 911, so on Sol… Read More

Sol 1535: Cross-contamination experiment

29 November 2016

The current drill campaign continues to go smoothly, and the Sol 1535 plan is dominated by an experiment to see if any Sebina sample material is left inside the drill bit chamber from the previous drilling.  This is motivated by the fact that we only used vibration to transfer that sample… Read More

Sol 1534: Preparing to drill

28 November 2016

Curiosity had a productive Thanksgiving weekend and now we are getting ready to drill at “Precipice.”  Sol 1534 begins with MAHLI imaging of the post-sieve dump pile from the previous drill sample (“Sebina”).  Then we have a short science block to acquire a ChemCam… Read More

Sols 1531-1533: Thanksgiving at Precipice

23 November 2016

Today’s plan covers sols 1531-1533, which will take us through the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. We are in place at our next drill location “Precipice” so there will be no driving in the plan, just a lot of science and preparation for drilling! Sol 1531 will start off with… Read More

Sols 1528-1530: Fifteen Kilometers!

22 November 2016

Our weekend plan went as expected, including a ~16 meter drive which brings us to our next drill target: “Precipice”. That drive also brings our total drive distance from Bradbury Landing to just over 15 km! We have a three sol plan today as we head into the long holiday weekend… Read More

Sols 1525-1527: Contact science at Sutton Island and approaching the next drill site

18 November 2016

The MAHLI images from Sol 1523 are down, and we acquired some beautiful images of this new outcrop, as seen in the above image of the target "Seawall."  Today’s plan is focused on finishing the investigation at “Sutton Island,” and then driving towards the next drill target,… Read More

Sols 1523-1524: Investigating Sutton Island

16 November 2016

On Sol 1521 Curiosity drove 11 m to the east, which set us up to investigate a darker-toned outcrop known as “Sutton Island,” seen in the middle of the above Mastcam image.  Today’s plan is focused on contact science to study the grain size, stratification, and chemistry of… Read More

Sols 1521-1522: Making progress toward the next drill site

14 November 2016

Curiosity continues to drive across bumpy terrain of the Murray formation.  Over the weekend, Curiosity drove ~36 m, making good progress toward our next drill site.  Today’s two-sol plan starts with several ChemCam observations to assess the chemistry of the local bedrock and… Read More

Sols 1516-1520: Playing in the Sand

14 November 2016

We’re continuing to make steady progress, with successful drives interspersed with plenty of good science. In the Sol 1516 plan, we started off with a Mastcam mosaic of “West Mesa” to study the stratigraphy, followed by a big 5x5 point ChemCam analysis on the nodular target… Read More

Sols 1514-1515: Touch and Go at Southwest Harbor

7 November 2016

Our weekend plan was successful, with lots of good observations and a 43 meter drive. Today’s 2-sol plan starts out with a brief contact science block, during which MAHLI will observe the target “Southwest Harbor”. After that, we have a remote sensing block. ChemCam will observe… Read More