Current Openings

The Astrogeology Science Center is seeking a Management Analyst. Specific duties for the position include the following:

  • Enters data (or leads support staff data entry) from employee updates, on hours spent on assignments and estimates for subtask completion.
  • Maintains database on the status of each project in portfolio in the Astrogeology budget and project management tools.
  • Maintains the database of current and future work, assisting project chief to create realistic schedules for their project work.
  • Maintains matrix of staff member availabilities of tactical and strategic time scales, assisting project chiefs in gathering teams that could realistically work on a future project.
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Why it's great working for the Astrogeology Science Center?

  • Participate in space exploration, be the first to see new images of a planetary surface, command a remotely controlled vehicle, and more.
  • Flexible Work Schedule allows you to create personal time.
  • Tele-commute from home a few days a month to concentrate on complex projects.
  • Accrue annual leave, up to 5 weeks of paid leave per year.
  • Opportunities to travel to conferences, mission operations, and meetings.
  • Ability to publish not only in official USGS releases, but also professional journals.
  • Public Service by contributing to the public knowledge about our Solar System.
  • Work with world class scientists on unique and exciting projects.
  • Casual dress.
  • Training opportunities to learn and use new skills and technologies.
  • Great benefits, retirement, health insurance, holiday pay, and more!

Relocating to Flagstaff

Finding Jobs

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