Astrogeology Science Center

RPIF Consolidation Almost Complete!

24 July 2014

The USGS/NASA Astrogeology RPIF is consolidating all of its voluminous collections in one location for the first time in 25 years. The move has been ongoing since November 2013 and the end is in sight. The new facility features a room for researchers with a reference library, a student/volunteer… Read More

The Atlantic Magazine Features Astrogeology

19 February 2013

The Atlantic featured the Astrogeology Science Center in an article titled, When We Blew Up Arizona to Simulate the Moon. The article delves into the astronaut training and crater making that occurred at Cinder Lake in preparation for the Apollo Moon landings. For more information, see the RPIF… Read More

Regional Planetary Information Facility (RPIF) Posts First Online Exhibit

13 October 2012

The NASA/USGS Astrogeology Regional Planetary Information Facility (RPIF) has posted its first online exhibit. The title is 1961: USGS Astrogeology's First Published Lunar Map.