Astrogeology Science Center

Sols 1245-1247: Analyzing Murray formation bedrock

5 February 2016

On Sol 1244, Curiosity bumped 2 meters forward to get to a nice patch of bedrock.  The focus of the weekend plan is to study typical Murray formation bedrock, do some targeted remote sensing, and then drive towards the Naukluft Plateau. The 3-sol weekend plan starts by using the DRT to clear… Read More

Sol 1244: Bump, Set… Scuff!

4 February 2016

Today’s plan is focused on bumping towards a bedrock target to set us up for contact science in the weekend plan.  As we bump forward, we’ll use the rear wheels to create one last scuff in Namib Dune, which we’ll image as we drive away. I was the GSTL today, and we had a busy… Read More

Sol 1243: Getting ready to leave Namib Dune

3 February 2016

The contact science activities on Sol 1242 were successful, which completed our investigation at the Namib Dune sampling location.  I love the above Navcam image, which shows just how close we were able to get MAHLI to the dump piles, followed by the really high-resolution MAHLI image! … Read More

Sol 1242: Last analyses of the dump piles

2 February 2016

Today was the last day for science activities at Namib Dune, as we’re planning to drive away on Sol 1243.  It’s fun looking at the disturbed sand in the workspace, and realizing how much we’ve done here (is it just me, or does it look like a big sandbox full of scoops, dumps… Read More

Sol 1241: Wrapping up at Namib Dune

1 February 2016

Curiosity is still parked at Namib dune, and we are we are close to finishing the science investigation here.  The team is still working to diagnose the CHIMRA anomaly, but the arm was cleared for use in today’s plan.  The science activities in today’s plan include some… Read More

Name Approved for Feature on Mercury: Unity Rupes

31 January 2016

The IAU Working Group for Planetary System Nomenclature has approved the name Unity Rupes for a feature on Mercury. For more information, see the Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature.

Sol 1239-1240: Analyzing the Sands of Mars

29 January 2016

Since the anomaly with CHIMRA is still being investigated, there was no science involving the arm in today’s plan. Still, there was plenty to do, and we had to be careful not to collect too much extra data because there is a backlog of data on the rover waiting to be downlinked to… Read More

Sols 1237-1238: CHIMRA Diagnostics

27 January 2016

The cause of the CHIMRA anomaly is still being investigated, so no arm motion was planned today while diagnostic testing continues.  Because only remote science observations are allowed, it was a straightforward day for me as SOWG Chair and for the rest of the tactical science… Read More

Sols 1235-1236: CHIMRA Anomaly

25 January 2016

I'm scheduled as MAHLI/MARDI uplink lead today, and was looking forward to planning more close-up imaging as the Namib dune campaign continues.  Unfortunately, the CHIMRA behaved in an unexpected way during processing of the third scoop on Sol 1231, which prevented completion of the arm… Read More

Flagstaff STEM Night Coming Up

25 January 2016

The Astrogeology Science Team will participate in the 3rd Annual Flagstaff Community STEM Celebration taking place at the Northern Arizona University J. Walkup Skydome on Monday, March 7, 2016 from 5:00 to 7:30 pm. This event is a Celebration of all things STEM in Flagstaff! All 28 Flagstaff K-12… Read More