Five New Names Approved for Titan Surface Features

2 March 2007

The following five names have been approved for use on Titan: Ara Fluctus, Leilah Fluctus, Rohe Fluctus, Winia Fluctus, and Polelya Macula. See the Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature for more information and an image that shows the locations of these features.

Four New Crater Names Approved for use on Mars

1 July 2008

The names Corinto, Naryn, Thila, and Wiltz have been approved for four craters on Mars. Please see the list of Martian crater names in the Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature for more information.

Six New Names Approved for Venus Surface Features

4 September 2009

Six new names have been approved for use on Venus: Fulgora Dorsa, Heloha Fluctus, Sarasvati Mons, Akka Tholus, Eirene Tholus, and Yansa Tholus. All six of these features can be seen on the Venus map V-1. For more information, see the list of Venus feature names in the Gazetteer of Planetary… Read More

New Name Chryse Chaos and New Boundaries for Simud Valles on Mars

31 March 2008

The IAU has approved a new name for a chaos feature, and defined new coordinates for a valles on Mars.The name Chryse Chaos has been approved for the chaos feature located at 10.4N, 36.7W. The name Simud Vallis has been changed to the plural form of the descriptor term, Simud Valles, and the… Read More

Euclides D Reinstated for Lunar Crater Formerly Named Eppinger

13 July 2009

The name Euclides D has been officially reinstated for the lunar crater formerly named Eppinger. The 6 km crater is located at 9.4S, 25.7W, on lunar map LAC 76. For more information, see the list of satellite features (lettered craters) in the Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature.

Two New Crater Names Approved for Earths Moon

30 October 2008

The names Haworth and Lenard have been approved for the lunar craters located at 86.8S, 4W, and 85.2N, 105W, respectively. For more information, see the list of Moon crater names in the Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature.

Fourteen New Names Approved for Craters and Regiones on Itokawa

18 February 2009

The names Catalina, Fuchinobe, Gando, Hammaguira, Kamisunagawa, Kamoi, Komaba, Laurel, Miyabaru, San Marco, Arcoona Regio, LINEAR Regio, Ohsumi Regio, and Yoshinobu Regio have been approved for craters and regiones on Itokawa. For more information, see the list of Itokawa feature names in the… Read More

Three New Saturnian Moon Names and Expansion of Theme

21 September 2007

The IAU has approved names for three more Saturnian moons. They are:Saturn L = S/2006 S 6 JarnsaxaSaturn LI = S/2006 S 4 GreipSaturn LII = S/2007 S 1 TarqeqThe theme for prograde satellites with an inclination of around 48 degrees has been expanded to include Inuit spirits. See the Planet and… Read More

Twelve New Names and a New Theme for Fossae Approved for Use on Mercury

9 April 2008

The following new names have been approved by the IAU for use on Mercury.Craters: Apollodorus, Atget, Cunningham, Eminescu, Kertész, Neruda, Raditladi, Sander, Sveinsdóttir, Xiao ZhaoRupes: Beagle RupesFossae: Pantheon FossaeThe newly approved theme for fossae on Mercury is… Read More

New Names for 23 Craters on Mercury

24 April 2012

The Working Group for Planetary System Nomenclature has approved 23 new names for craters on Mercury. For details, see the list of Mercury feature names and the images of Mercury in the Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature.