Just Released: BETA version of PILOT 3

6 November 2012

Try out the new BETA version of PILOT 3. This version is still going through testing and bugs fixes, but here are a few intended improvements:

We are adding one new instrument to the UPC database, Cassini VIMS. We are also greatly improving what's available for some older missions (Voyager, Galileo, and Viking). The database will now include error counts which will allow you to break down a mission/instrument and understand how much of the data is corrupted, un-targeted (no SPICE), or errored because of corruption. For ongoing missions, we intend to keep up-to-date and add new releases to the UPC within two weeks of a PDS release.

The PILOT interface will also be improved. The confusion with paging and downloads will be eliminated. The search speed should greatly improve. And the tweaks to the interface will allow us to add an enhanced feature to PILOT next year called, Projection on the Web.