Lunar and Planetary Cartographic Catalog

Planetary Spatial Infrastructure LPSC 2016

Planetary Spatial Infrastructure: At the Intersection Of GIScience and Planetary Science

Wednesday March 23rd 2016, 1:30 PM Waterway Ballroom 4


  • Samuel Lawrence
  • Daniella DellaGiustina


1:30 PM
Kirk, R. L. Planetary Cartography: What, How, and Why Begin with Where [#2151] An introduction to planetary cartography. More than just paper maps, it’s spatial data processing and infrastructure, a key enabler for missions and research.
1:45 PM
McEwen A. S. * Heyd R. Sutton S. Espinosa Y. Fennema A. et al. For the People: HiRISE Data Products [#1371] Power to the Pixels!
2:00 PM
Chabot N. L. * Denevi B. W. Murchie S. L. Hash C. D. Ernst C. M. et al Mapping Mercury: Global Imaging Strategy and Products from the MESSENGER Mission [#1256]
2:15 PM
Archinal B. A. * Edmundson K. L. Kirk R. L. Gaddis L. R Registering Planetary Datasets for Data Fusion: A “Force Multiplier” for Planetary Science [#2377] Discussion of the importance of registering and geodetically controlling planetary data sets to allow data fusion for maximum science and exploration benefit.
2:30 PM
DellaGiustina D. N. * Barnouin O. S. Nolan M. C. Johnson C. A. Le Corre L. et al. Cartographic Planning for the OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Sample Return Mission [#1668] This abstract presents the cartographic planning being conducted to support the primary objective of the OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Sample Return Mission. 
2:45 PM
Hare T. M. Gaddis L. R. * LaVoie S. K. Isbell C. E. Milazzo M. P. et al. NASA Planetary Data System Support for Cartographic Sciences [#2281] The PDS CIS Node supports NASA’s larger image archives, sophisticated search and retrieval tools, and cartographic and technical expertise for planetary bodies.
3:00 PM
A’Hearn M. F. * Small Solar System Bodies — Products and Standards [#2739] We describe the complications involved in mapping small bodies vis a vis the larger bodies of the solar system.
3:15 PM
Beyer R. A. * Schenk P. Sides S. Edmundson K. Berry K. et al. Cartography at the Edge of the Solar System [#2690] A description of the cartographic process of taking New Horizons images and developing a control network for scientific applications.
3:30 PM
Williams D. A. * Cartographic Needs for Geologic Mapping During Active Orbital Planetary Mission [#1588] I discuss how to implement a geologic mapping campaign during an active planetary mission, and the required cartographic support and products to be successful.
3:45 PM
Grant J. A. * Geologic Mapping as a Guide to Rover Mission Planning on Mars [#2018] Geologic mapping enables robust interpretation of surface evolution and is a critical mission planning tool for guiding rovers to high priority science targets.
4:00 PM
Bleacher J. E. * Eppler D. E. Garry W. B. Cartographic and Geospatial Infrastructure Planning in Support of Human Planetary Exploration Based on Lessons Learned from the Desert Research and Technology Studies [#2341] A discussion of cartographic and geospatial infrastructure needs related to missions involving human exploration across the solar system
4:15 PM
Laura J. R. * At the Intersection of GIScience and Planetary Science [#2405] Defining planetary cartography using the GIScience Body of Knowledge
4:30 PM
Lawrence S. J. * Hagerty J. Gaddis L. R. Archinal B. A. Radebaugh J. et al. The Mapping and Planetary Spatial Infrastructure Team (MAPSIT): Addressing Strategic Planning Needs for Planetary Cartography [#1710] The mission and functions, and 2016 community plans for the new Mapping and Planetary Spatial Infrastructure Team are summarized.