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Fourth Planetary dunes Workshop Special Issue now available (Aeolian Research)

The special issue for the 2015 Fourth International Planetary Dunes Workshop in Boise, ID is now available online. There are nine papers published in this volume, summarizing the ideas expressed and discussed at this workshop. Topics include aeolian deposits on Venus, terrestrial subaqueous dunes as analogs for Venus, in-depth discussions of the morphology of ridges, transverse aeolian ridges, and dunes on Mars, terrestrial analogs for meter-scale bedforms on Mars, and sedimentary differentiation at the White Sands National Monument, USA. These articles are available in Volume 26 of Aeolian Research, a publication of ScienceDirect, and is available online through this link.

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Hosted by Dixie State University

5th IPDW Group Photo
The attendees of the 5th International Planetary Dunes Workshop at Dixie State University in St. George, UT, where the presenations and poster session took place.

The Fifth International Planetary Dunes Workshop (May 16-19, 2017) was hosted by Dixie State University in St. George, UT, USA. The theme of this gathering was "From the Bottom of the Oceans to the OuterLimits of the Solar System", and right from the first session, researchers from all over the world presented their studies of planetary dunes and bedforms in both terrestrial and subaqeous regions on Earth, on Mars and Venus, Titan, Pluto, and even comets.

Multiple sessions consisting of oral presentations and one poster session were presented over the course of the conference. To keep things lively, an all-day field trip to Zion National Park and the Coral Pink Sand Dunes. The first few stops in Zion National Park showcased ancient fluvial and aeolian deposits, while the Coral Pink Sand Dunes are an active dune field, with transverse and barchan dunes and a 30 m star dune. Additional optional field trips on Thursday were to "The Vortex" and to the Snow Canyon area, both of which featured a variety of stratification types. Finally one more hike occurred in Zion National Park along the Canyon Overlook Trail to view the architecture of the Navajo Sandstone.

The objectives of this workshop were to bring together both terrestrial and planetary aeolian scientists involved in various disciplines, to further undergraduate and graduate students' understanding of aeolian science, to expand aeolian analog studies to include subaqueous bedforms, and to discuss theories of dune formation throughout the solar system.

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