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Venus basemap in ArcInfo
Venus basemap in ArcInfo

Tools for ArcMap 10.x

  • Tools for Graphics and Shapes - Contains many useful routines including the latest geodesic calculations (area and length) and ocentric/ographic tools.
  • Crater Helper Tools v1.1 - Provides a set of tools for measuring and digitizing craters and other morphologic features.
  • Raster Riser v1.0 - Provides a maunal sorting method to reorder rasters within a ArcMap mosaic dataset.
  • Contour Line Attribution Tool - This tool is designed to allow the user to draw a line that intersects one or more unattributed contours. The user then sets the start elevation (contour) value and the interval at which the elevation contours should increment.
  • Iterative Self Select Intersected - This tool will iteratively loop over selected features (in a single layer) adding to the selected set if those features intersect any other feature.
  • Tectonic Reconstruct - Tectonic Reconstruct v1.2 (beta) add-in provides a set of tools for the sequential reconstruction of tectonic features.

Tools for ArcMap 9.x

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