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Thermal Mixture Radiance Calculator
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Spec. Rad.
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Constants (from NIST):

Speed of Light (c)2.99792548e+8m*s-1
Planck constant (h)6.626068963e-34J*s
Boltzmann constant (k)1.3806504e-23J*K-1
Wien constant (b)2.8977685e-3m*K
Stefan-Boltzmann constant (σ)5.670400e-8W*m-2*K-4
First Radiation constant for spectral radiance (c1) (2hc2) 1.191042759e-16W*m2*sr-1
Second Radiation constant (c2) (hc/k) 1.4387752e-2m*K

This tool was developed as part of the Education & Public Outreach program of the NASA ROSES 2009 New Investigator Program in Earth Science (NNH09ZDA001N-NIP). It is a work in progress. Please send any questions, comments, or suggestions to the PI: R. Greg Vaughan (

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