Flynn Creek Crater Sample Collection Interactive Map

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  • Alluvium (Qal)
  • Warsaw Limestone (Mw)
  • Fort Payne Formation (Mfp)
  • Chattanooga Shale (MDc)
  • Flynn Creek Formation (Dfc)
  • Catheys-Leipers Formation (Ocyl)
  • Bigby-Cannon Limestone (Obc)
  • Hermitage Formation (Oh)
  • Stones River Group (Osr)
  • Knox Group (OCk)

  • Red Marker Flynn Creek Crater Drill Holes

  • Click marker to go to drill core products.

Geologic Map by Evenick and Hatcher

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USGS Geologic Map of Gainesboro Quadrangle

Opacity: 0%
Esri I-Cubed World Imagery UTM Z16
USGS 7.5 minute Topo for Gainesboro Quadrangle
USGS NED Color Shade UTM Z16

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