Astrogeology Science Center

Sol 1644: Staying put

21 March 2017

The Sol 1644 plan focuses on arm activities, because the volume of data expected to be relayed via the MRO and Mars Odyssey orbiters in time for planning tomorrow is too small to allow both a drive and drill diagnostic tests.  So the tactical science team took advantage of the… Read More

Sol 1643: First half of long-baseline stereo

20 March 2017

MSL drove about 28 meters toward the south on Sol 1642 and again is in an area with Murray Formation bedrock blocks surrounded by dark sand.  I helped plan ChemCam observations today, and we settled on a target called "Vinalhaven" at the left side of the layered bedrock exposure seen at… Read More

Name Approved for Feature on Mars: Tarq

17 March 2017

The IAU Working Group for Planetary System Nomenclature has approved the name Tarq for a crater on Mars. For more information, see the map of MC-29 in the Gazetteer for Planetary Nomenclature.

Sol 1639: Onward to Ogunquit Beach

16 March 2017

Planning was challenging this morning because of some network issues at JPL, but the team figured out how to work around the problem and still managed to put together a good plan! We’ve been at Stop 3 of the dune campaign (now known as “Southern Cove”) for a couple of sols, so in… Read More

Names, Theme, and Boundary Change Approved for Mercury

15 March 2017

The IAU Working Group for Planetary System Nomenclature has approved an expanded boundary for Borealis Planitia, and the following new names for use on Mercury: Turms Planitia, Otaared Planitia, Apārangi Planitia, Sihtu Planitia, Papsukkal Planitia, Catuilla Planum, Stilbon Planitia, Mearcair… Read More

Sol 1638: Busy Day for MAHLI

15 March 2017

Today we are continuing our investigation of Stop #3 of the Bagnold Dune campaign. We start off with some MAHLI images of the APXS targets “Ripogenus” and “Spragueville” from yesterday. For these images, the MAHLI dust cover will stay closed. Then ChemCam will analyze the… Read More

Sol 1637: Stop 3

14 March 2017

Yesterday’s short drive was successful, so we started today with the rover parked at stop #3 of the dune campaign and the rover’s arm up in the “ready out” position. The Sol 1637 plan starts out with a couple of Mastcam atmospheric observations, followed by ChemCam analysis… Read More

Sol 1636: Another Early Morning

13 March 2017

Thankfully I wasn’t actually on duty today, because with daylight savings time Arizona is now on West-coast time, and planning started at 6:30am! In any case, the weekend plan was successful, and put us close to the third stop of the current campaign to study the Bagnold Dunes. The Sol 1636… Read More

Sols 1634-1635: Back to nominal MAHLI planning

10 March 2017

MSL drove about 29 meters toward the south on Sol 1632, and is in a good position for weekend activities.  The MAHLI images taken on Sol 1632 look good, and the dust cover is working properly, so MAHLI is ready to return to nominal operations!  The tactical planning team therefore… Read More

Names Approved for Seven Labyrinthi on Titan

9 March 2017

The IAU Working Group for Planetary System Nomenclature has approved names for seven features on Titan: Naraj Labyrinthus, Palma Labyrinthus, Muritan Labyrinthus, Gansireed Labyrinthus, Gammu Labyrinthus, Lampadas Labyrinthus, and Lernaeus Labyrinthus. For more information, see the Titan global and… Read More