Astrogeology Science Center

Astrogeology Welcomes New Director

12 August 2018

Acting Southwest Regional Director, William R. Guertal, announced the selection of Justin Hagerty as the new Director of Astrogeology Science Center on July 5, 2018. Justin assumed the new role on July 22 and succeeded Laszlo Kestay. Astrogeology Science Center Director, Dr. Justin Hagerty As… Read More

Sol 2129: Dude, where’s my data?

1 August 2018

Curiosity is currently on her way to a potentially softer rock target to drill in the Pettegrove Point member of Vera Rubin Ridge.  Today was a late slide sol, which means we had to wait until 11am PDT for the downlink to arrive.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get our downlink… Read More

Blood Moon Tonight

27 July 2018

Tonight you can see a  Blood Moon lasting longer than ususal. Update: See it here if you missed it. Credits: NASA

Astrogeology, Shoemaker, Cinder Lakes, and the Moon

31 July 2018

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo Lunar Landing having begun July 20 and continuing through July 2019, in Flagstaff, AZ — what better time exists to expose a true, raw, behind-the-scenes account of Astrogeology’s (Astro) involvement in the Apollo Era and spare no… Read More

Sol 2116: Driving back to Sgurr of Eigg

19 July 2018

The Sol 2115 wheel imaging went well, and we received the images needed to plan a drive back to "Sgurr of Eigg," near the Sol 1999 rover position.  The >50-meter drive dominates the Sol 2116 plan, but leaves time for continued atmospheric and other scientific observations.  Before… Read More

Sol 2115: New method of wheel imaging

18 July 2018

The priorities for Sol 2115 are to image the rover's wheels and acquire the images needed to plan a drive back to the Sol 1999 location, where we might start another drilling campaign.  The MAHLI images of the wheels taken on Sol 2114 with the dust cover closed show that there is enough… Read More

Good Times at the Lunar Legacy Celebration Begin July 20

17 July 2018

Individuals of the Astrogeology Team will be at the Lunar Legacy Celebration, July 20, at the Orpheum Theatre in Flagstaff, Arizona. Not only will you not want to miss this fun family-friendly event, it is totally free. The city will be celebrating Flagstaff’s scientific role in the… Read More

Beloved JPL Selected for an Emmy: Sweet!

18 September 2018

Update: And the Emmy goes to: Cassini's Grand Finale! Will NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) be granted an Emmy for Outstanding Original Interactive Program for its coverage of the Cassini mission? Alongside every other person sitting on pins and needles, individual curiosity can’t be… Read More

Sol 2113: Hard as a rock

16 July 2018

Unfortunately, we found out this morning that the “Voyageurs” drill target was a much harder rock than expected.  While our drill plan executed perfectly, our bit stopped short of the full depth we need for sampling.  The engineers are still evaluating the data to better… Read More

Sols 2110-2112: Let the drill fest begin!

13 July 2018

Drilling on another planet is no easy feat, and each time we have the opportunity to do so on Mars feels pretty special.  The focus of the weekend three-sol plan is to drill the target “Voyageurs,” which is part of an outcrop that shows a high hematite signature in orbital… Read More