Astrogeology Science Center

Martian Patera Sizes Adjusted and New Mons and Tholus Names Introduced

19 September 2007

The descriptor term 'patera' is defined in the gazetteer as "an irregular crater, or a complex one with scalloped edges" (see Descriptor Terms). The sizes of seven Martian features (Alba, Apollinaris, Biblis, Hadriaca, Tyrrhena, Ulysses, and Uranius Paterae) have increased over time from the sizes of the central depressions to the sizes of the entire edifices. In order to correct this inconsistency in the database, the sizes of these paterae have been adjusted to correspond only to the central depressions.

New names for the mons/tholus features have been introduced. The new names are: Alba Mons, Apollinaris Mons, Biblis Tholus, Hadriacus Mons, Tyrrhenus Mons, Ulysses Tholus, and Uranius Mons.