Astrogeology Science Center

Sols 1586-1588: ChemCam sick

20 January 2017

MSL drove another 13 meters on Sol 1585, again placing the rover in a good position for contact science.  But the telemetry also showed that ChemCam had been marked "sick," so we will not be able to use ChemCam this weekend while the problem is diagnosed.  The weekend plan is still… Read More

Sol 1585: Examining "Jewell"

19 January 2017

After a 31-meter drive on Sol 1584, MSL is in position for contact science on a block of bedrock in front of the rover.  So, as MAHLI/MARDI uplink lead today I focused on planning a full suite of MAHLI images of a target named "Jewell" that appears to expose sedimentary structures. … Read More

Sol 1584: Touch and go at Frost Pond

18 January 2017

On Sol 1583 Curiosity drove 16 m, which set us up for touch-and-go contact science today.  I was the GKOP again, and it was a fun day of planning contact science and remote sensing.  The plan starts with a short APXS integration on the target “Frost Pond,” (seen in the middle… Read More

Sol 1583: Driving and remote sensing

17 January 2017

The 4-sol weekend plan went well, and Curiosity drove ~ 44 m further to the south.  I was the GKOP today and it was a fairly straightforward plan focused on driving and remote sensing. We’re in late slide sols this week, which means that today we started 2 hours later than usual to wait… Read More

Sols 1579-1582: A 4-sol plan

13 January 2017

After a 25-meter drive on Sol 1578, MSL is surrounded by more dark sand than usual, but there is enough rock exposed that we had a lot of science targets to choose from today.  Due to the US holiday on Monday, we are planning 4 sols today.  The first sol will include only REMS… Read More

Sol 1578: Investigating sedimentary structures

12 January 2017

Curiosity had a successful drive of 45 m on Sol 1577.  We’re continuing to characterize the Murray formation by investigating changes in composition and sedimentary structures as we ascend Mt. Sharp.  Today’s plan provided another opportunity for touch and go contact science,… Read More

Sol 1577: Another touch and go

11 January 2017

MSL drove almost 30 meters on Sol 1576, stopping in a location with a nice exposure of bedrock in the arm workspace.  MAHLI's optics look clean, so we planned a full suite of MAHLI images and a short APXS integration on a bedrock target named "Mansell Mountain."  Fitting the remote… Read More

Sol 1576: Arm fault

10 January 2017

MSL planning started 2 hours later than usual today because the Sol 1575 data needed for planning weren't expected until almost 10 AM PST.  Unfortunately, the news was not good:  An arm fault prevented the MAHLI full suite from completing, leaving the camera close to the surface with… Read More

Sol 1575: Investigating Dorr Mountain

9 January 2017

After a 25-meter drive on Sol 1574, MSL again has bedrock exposed in her arm workspace.  To balance desires to sample the composition of the rocks along the traverse and to make good progress toward the south, contact science and another drive are both planned for Sol 1575.  First,… Read More

Sols 1572-1574: New diagnostics

6 January 2017

MSL drove nearly 17 meters on Sol 1571, to a location with bedrock outcrops in the arm workspace.  So the weekend plan includes lots of arm work as well as remote observations.  On Sol 1572, MAHLI will take images of the REMS booms to diagnose recent problems with the wind… Read More