Astrogeology Science Center

Sol 1636: Another Early Morning

13 March 2017

Thankfully I wasn’t actually on duty today, because with daylight savings time Arizona is now on West-coast time, and planning started at 6:30am! In any case, the weekend plan was successful, and put us close to the third stop of the current campaign to study the Bagnold Dunes. The Sol 1636… Read More

Sols 1634-1635: Back to nominal MAHLI planning

10 March 2017

MSL drove about 29 meters toward the south on Sol 1632, and is in a good position for weekend activities.  The MAHLI images taken on Sol 1632 look good, and the dust cover is working properly, so MAHLI is ready to return to nominal operations!  The tactical planning team therefore… Read More

Sols 1632-1633: Contact science on "Spring Point"

8 March 2017

The MSL rover drove a little over 40 meters on Sol 1630, to a place with bedrock blocks surrounded by dark sand.  There's a bright block with parallel linear features in the arm workspace, so the tactical team decided to plan contact science on those features.  This made for an… Read More

Sols 1630-1631: Early Morning Planning

7 March 2017

We had an early-morning (6 AM on the west coast!) start to planning today, which was a bit painful but with the help of lots of caffeine we put together another plan full of good science! The exciting news from the weekend plan is that the MAHLI dust cover closed as planned, so we’re back in… Read More

Sols 1627-1629: Driving again

3 March 2017

Good news: the MAHLI cover was successfully opened and the instrument is marked healthy again. That means it’s time to close the cover, and if that’s successful, drive away toward the next stop in the Bagnold Dunes Campaign.  I was the GSTL again and it was a pretty straightforward… Read More

Sols 1625-1626: Change detection and additional remote sensing

1 March 2017

We’re still at the second stop of the Bagnold Dune campaign, running a few more MAHLI diagnostics and focusing on targeted remote sensing.  I was the GSTL today and it was still a pretty busy day for the GEO theme group.  The first sol includes a ChemCam observation of a ripple… Read More

Sols 1623-1624: MAHLI diagnostics and remote sensing

27 February 2017

Today’s two-sol plan is devoted to MAHLI diagnostics and remote sensing.  It’s another late slide sol, so planning started three and half hours later than usual.  The plan kicks off with arm activities to better understand the fault that MAHLI experienced last week.  Then… Read More

Sol 1619: Wrapping up dune stop #2

24 February 2017

 We are wrapping up our observations at stop #2 of the second Bagnold dunes campaign. In the Sol 1619 plan, we start off with Navcam and Mastcam atmospheric observations, followed by a ChemCam observation of the sandy target “Leighton”. Mastcam will then document Leighton and… Read More

Sols 1620-1622: A weekend full of remote sensing

24 February 2017

On Sol 1619, MAHLI experienced a fault and did not finish its planned imaging, so unfortunately the subsequent arm and mobility activities did not execute.  That means that the weekend plan is devoted to MAHLI recovery activities and a lot of remote sensing.  I was the GSTL today, and… Read More

Sol 1618: A second stop at the dunes

22 February 2017

The drive on Sol 1617 went well, and Curiosity drove 20 m to the south, which put us in a good position for another stop at the Bagnold Dunes.  This site was selected to enable comparison of the leading and trailing edges of the dunes.  Today’s plan includes ChemCam observations of… Read More