Ten New THEMIS Geodetically Controlled Mosaics Available from the USGS

22 April 2016

THEMIS infrared geodetically controlled mosaics, updated spacecraft pointing and orientation information (i.e., preliminary smithed SPICE kernels), and supporting documentation are available for download and public use from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) Astrogeology Science Center.  Four daytime infrared and six nighttime infrared mosaics are newly available.  These mosaics are tied to a known coordinate system (USGS Viking Orbiter Mars Digital Image Model 2.1), spatially adjusted to align feature boundaries, and orthoprojected at 100 m/pixel scale.  This process results in sub-pixel registration between images and the daytime IR and nighttime IR mosaics to be well-registered to one another. These products enhance our knowledge (e.g., position, precision, and accuracy) of image placement and the location of small-scale surface features, and will benefit the current and future orbital acquisition of data, the planning of spacecraft and surface operations, and allows for easier and improved intercomparison of all Mars data sets.

 Please see the following website for product download and additional documentation: http://astrogeology.usgs.gov/maps/mars-themis-controlled-mosaics-and-preliminary-smithed-kernels

Please contact Robin Fergason (rfergason@usgs.gov) with any questions.