Map Projection on the Web (POW) now opened for community use

15 July 2013 The Astrogeology Science Center is pleased to announce the public release of a new community resource called the Map Projection on the Web (POW) service. This free, on-line service transforms raw Planetary Data System (PDS) images to science-ready map-projected images. POW uses PDS Imaging Node tools to locate images and then allows the user to select and submit individual images to be processed using Astrogeology’s free image processing package, the Integrated Software for Imagers and Spectrometers (ISIS). POW provides users with calibrated cartographic images that can be used for geologic mapping, analysis in a Geographic Image System (GIS), change detection, merging of dissimilar instrument images, and use in a host of scientific applications (e.g., ArcMAP, ENVI, Matlab, JMARS, QGIS, Opticks, etc.). Support for LROC images should be available in late August. This project was supported by the NASA PG&G Cartography Program.

For more information and/or to request a required account please visit: