Contour merging and attribution tools for ArcMap 10.1

13 September 2013

Ever need to clean and attribute scanned contours? Once the scan has been converted to vector lines (e.g. using ArcScan or GDAL), you may find these two ArcMap 10.1 add-ins helpful for merging and semi-automatically attributing the contour lines. The first tool, Iterative Self Select Intersected, helps to merge lines along the contour path which helps with contour attribution. The second tool, Contour Line Attribution Tool, is designed to allow the user to draw a line (generally perpendicular) that intersects one or more unattributed contours. The user then sets the start elevation value and the interval at which the elevation contours should increment. The lines are then attributed, incrementing the elevation value, as they are intersected. For both tools, the Python code is freely available in the download and can be modified in any way. Just rename the file to a .zip and unzip.