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New Names Approved for Venus

25 September 2006

Names for seven coronae and one tholus have been approved by the IAU for use on Venus. The names are Anjea Corona, Durga Corona, Hutash Corona, Ikas Coronae, Orbona Corona, Partula Corona, Parvati Corona, and Ezili Tholus. Please see the Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature for more information.

Names Approved for 31 Craters on Mars

20 September 2006

The following names for 31 craters on Mars have been approved by the IAU: Ada, Alamos, Beruri, Bopolu, Cefal, Chupadero, Dulovo, Elorza, Grindavik, Hargraves, Hashir, Iazu, Jrn, Kontum, Lismore, Makhambet, Martin, Mazamba, Nakusp, Ohara, Pebas, Runanga, Sefadu, Shardi, Soffen, Taytay, Uzer, Woking,… Read More

New Names on Mars

14 September 2006

Five new names have been approved for Mars: Angustus Labyrinthus, Chronius Mons, Promethei Mons, Sisyphi Tholus, and Thyles Montes. The names Australis Patera, Angusta Patera, and Cavi Frigores have been marked as dropped in the database. New imagery has shown that the two paterae were named using… Read More

Dwarf Planet 2003 UB313 named Eris

14 September 2006

The International Astronomical Union has approved the name Eris for the largest known dwarf planet (see CBAT Circular 8747). Eris is the Greek goddess of chaos and strife; she created a quarrel among goddesses that led to the Trojan War. This name could be considered quite fitting for the body that… Read More

No More Provisional Names

6 September 2006

There has been an important change in the approval process for planetary feature names; the designation of "provisional nomenclature" is no longer used. As soon as the IAU Working Group for Planetary System Nomenclature (WGPSN) has successfully reviewed a name, it is considered approved and… Read More

Provisional Names Approved

30 August 2006

All of the names that have been provisionally approved by the IAU Working Group for Planetary System Nomenclature over the past three years were fully approved by the IAU at the General Assembly in Prague last week. The codes in the 'approval status' field for these names have been changed from '3'… Read More

First Features Named on Asteroid Itokawa

21 July 2006

The IAU has provisionally approved names for three features on Itokawa. The names are MUSES-C Regio, Sagamihara Regio, and Uchinoura Regio. Please visit the Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature for details.

New Names on Venus

19 July 2006

The following names have been provisionally approved by the IAU for features on Venus. The database information and images showing the features can be seen on the Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature.Chanum CoronaeWitte PateraAzimua TholiOtohime TholusThe name Oanuava Corona has been changed to the… Read More

New Name on Mars

7 July 2006

The name Ganges Chaos has been provisionally approved for use on Mars. See the Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature for more information about this name and an image showing the feature.

Pluto's Moons Named Hydra and Nix

26 June 2006

Pluto's two newest satellites have been named Hydra and Nix by the International Astronomical Union. For more information, refer to the Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature, particularly the page that describes planet and satellite names and their discoverers.