Astrogeology Science Center

Sol 666 - 668 Update On Curiosity From MSL Scientist Lauren Edgar: Going the Distance

20 June 2014

On Sol 665, Curiosity completed the longest drive of the mission so far (142.5 m!) through the Moosilauke Basin, and we’re busy planning 3 sols of activities that Curiosity will carry out over the weekend. On the first sol Curiosity will acquire ChemCam observations of a rock target and a soil target, and a 360-degree Mastcam mosaic to assess the local geology. The weekend plan also includes nighttime MAHLI imaging of the CheMin inlet, and full MAHLI wheel imaging. On the third sol Curiosity will complete another drive, and acquire some post-drive imaging to help with selecting targets on Monday (Sol 669). We’re making great progress in terms of driving, and we will soon be leaving the Hanover quad and entering the Shoshone quad!

Dates of planned rover activities described in these reports are subject to change due to a variety of factors related to the Martian environment, communication relays and rover status.