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Sol 544 - 545 Update On Curiosity From USGS Scientist Ken Herkenhoff: Busy Before Sunrise

14 February 2014

Another busy 2-sol plan--Sol 544 will begin with a bunch of MAHLI activities: Imaging of the inlet for SAM's tunable laser spectrometer, the standard wheel imaging, and images from various angles of a spot in front of the rover to measure the photometric behavior of the surface. The first and last activities have been desired since early in the mission, so it's good to finally plan them. After stowing the arm, Mastcam and ChemCam will observe targets "Sandy Dam" and "Nita." Before sunrise on Sol 545, ChemCam will search for condensed water. Then the rover will drive about 50 meters and take the post-drive images needed to plan a full set of wheel images on Sol 546.