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New Press Release: Massive Ice Sheets Identified on Mars!

10 January 2018

USGS Scientist Colin Dundas’ research is mentioned in yet another national USGS press release. Three months ago he startled the scientific world with evidence that seasonal dark streaks on warm Martian slopes, called recurring slope lineae (RSL), are something other than salty water. Now Dr. Dundas is back with more new significant findings: He reports, “There is ice under roughly a third of the Martian surface . . .”

Martian ice can expose the fingerprints of Mars' past climate and is possibly a resource when humankind journeys to the Red Planet. Find out how Dr. Dundas made such a discovery and get the in depth details in the Science journal today.

Icy scarp on Mars in the context of a broader area. Image Credit:NASA/JPL/University of Arizona/USGS

By Janet Richie