Get the scoop on Kilauea Volcano on Sunday

21 September 2018


Eyes from around the globe have been on the horrendous site of the Kilauea Volcano of Hawaii’s Big Island since May of 2018. On Sunday, September 23, at 3 pm at the Museum of Northern Arizona, USGS Astrogeology Science Center Scientists, Elise Rumpf and Greg Vaughan, discuss their encounters monitoring the Lower East Rift Zone Eruption over the summer. They bring their experiences and knowlege home and will answer many of the questions that are at the forefront of your mind.

I had a sneak preview of their presentation. You will hear about their very interesting and dangerous experiences. You are going to see some great video, where you think you are feeling the heat of the fire, and see one of the greatest breaks in the street that in the long run exudes magma. There is even video of the molten rock that plunged into the ocean, and they will explain it, even down to its color if you so desire. I have only touched upon what you can expect without spoiling it for you. In any case, I guarantee you when they have completed their presentation, you would have thought for a minute, it was you that was there and you will walk away more knowledgeable about volcanoes.

USGS helps prompt and guide evacuations which has led to the successful rescue and safety of residents.

By Janet Richie