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Astrogeology Sows STEM Seeds

9 April 2018

The fifth Annual Flagstaff Community STEM Celebration, at Lawrence Walkup Skydome, was another undertaking of progress for presenting science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Astrogeology seldom misses an opportunity to sow STEM seeds — encouraging STEM activities, providing awareness, and support. The hope is that the seeds will develop and inspire students to entertain STEM subject matter in their future careers.

Astrogeology took advantage of the opportunity to contribute to the  Flagstaff Community STEM Celebration on March 5th. “USGS had a good presence, " said Greg Vaughn, the USGS coordinator of this effort. "Four science centers were represented from campus: Astrogeology, Western Geographic, Arizona Water, and Southwest Biological. We thank all contributors, particularly Melody Hartke from the USGS Flagstaff Science Campus warehouse, for pick-up and delivery of needed equipment.”

The turnout, some 2500-3000 individuals who went, included Grades K-12, parents, and educators.

STEM Celebration USGS scientists are demonstrating the aftereffects of a "Save the Village" exhibit, in which participants endeavor to erect barriers to divert a "lava flow" (melted candle wax) from pulverizing a toy village. Image Credit: Patricia Garcia

“This is a great demonstration that teaches participants about magma stream conduct and volcanic hazard appraisal and relief," said Elsie Rumpf, pictured above, “STEM night attendees had a great time working together to build walls to block the lava flows (and sometimes breaking down those walls to watch the village be overrun!)"

Vaughn brought one of the general population's top picks - an infrared camera, which enables members to see the infrared vitality that they exclude. Individuals like seeing themselves in the camera and at the same time learn how the camera detects and measures the infrared energy of objects, and learn how it is used for scientific study.

STEM Celebration

Vaughn demonstating the infrared camera.

Watch a movie of this fantastic event!


By Janet Richie