Apollo 8 Astronaut Visits Flagstaff Science Center

12 October 2018

The Astrogeology Science Center had a special guest on September 19, 2018: William Alison Anders, the Lunar Module Pilot on Apollo 8, the first human mission to the Moon. Anders is additionally celebrated for capturing the iconic photograph “Earthrise,” the first color photograph of… Read More

Let’s go to the movies and see First Man

9 October 2018

The movie "First Man" about Neil Armstrong, the first astronaut to walk on the Moon, will be released in the United States on October 12, 2018! The film is based on the book First Man, written by Josh Singer.Here in Flagstaff, our scientists are meeting with members of NASA's Astronaut Candidate… Read More

Dr. Laszlo Kestay gives talk on Mining Asteroids tomorrow

24 September 2018

Have you been dozing? Mining natural resources from comets, asteroids, and planetary bodies in our solar system departed sci-fi status a while ago. Space Mining has been on the science agenda to address depleting natural resources on Earth and to expand our future in space. Hear from Dr.… Read More

Get the scoop on Kilauea Volcano on Sunday

21 September 2018

  Eyes from around the globe have been on the horrendous site of the Kilauea Volcano of Hawaii’s Big Island since May of 2018. On Sunday, September 23, at 3 pm at the Museum of Northern Arizona, USGS Astrogeology Science Center Scientists, Elise Rumpf and Greg Vaughan, discuss their… Read More

A Dynamic Career Launched With a Map

28 August 2018

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo Lunar Landing in Flagstaff, having begun July 20 and continuing through July 2019, please meet Dr. Baerbel Lucchitta. The career choice and work of Baerbel, in the unique role she played during the Apollo era, was an important role model to women… Read More

Astrogeology Welcomes New Director

12 August 2018

Acting Southwest Regional Director, William R. Guertal, announced the selection of Justin Hagerty as the new Director of Astrogeology Science Center on July 5, 2018. Justin assumed the new role on July 22 and succeeded Laszlo Kestay. Astrogeology Science Center Director, Dr. Justin Hagerty As… Read More

Sol 2129: Dude, where’s my data?

1 August 2018

Curiosity is currently on her way to a potentially softer rock target to drill in the Pettegrove Point member of Vera Rubin Ridge.  Today was a late slide sol, which means we had to wait until 11am PDT for the downlink to arrive.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get our downlink… Read More

Blood Moon Tonight

27 July 2018

Tonight you can see a  Blood Moon lasting longer than ususal. Update: See it here if you missed it. Credits: NASA

Astrogeology, Shoemaker, Cinder Lakes, and the Moon

31 July 2018

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo Lunar Landing having begun July 20 and continuing through July 2019, in Flagstaff, AZ — what better time exists to expose a true, raw, behind-the-scenes account of Astrogeology’s (Astro) involvement in the Apollo Era and spare no… Read More

Sol 2116: Driving back to Sgurr of Eigg

19 July 2018

The Sol 2115 wheel imaging went well, and we received the images needed to plan a drive back to "Sgurr of Eigg," near the Sol 1999 rover position.  The >50-meter drive dominates the Sol 2116 plan, but leaves time for continued atmospheric and other scientific observations.  Before… Read More