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Presentations for 2017 Wednesday

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Wednesday: June 14, 2017
Time Humphreys



(PDS4 Training)

8:30am Announcements (Hare T.) PDS4 overview poster (M. Gordon et al.)
8:35am Topics in Planetary GIS (Hare T.)  
8:55am Web Map Tile Services for Single Images of Planetary Remote Sensing Data (Walter S. H. G.) Introduction to PDS4 Concepts and Vocabulary (Gordon M.)
9:15am PlanetServer: A Hyperspectral Analysis and Visualization Web Client and Python API (Marco Figuera R.) Provide help with Virtual Box installation (as needed) (Hardman S.)
9:30am JMARS — Remote Sensing Visualization and Analysis for All Planetary Bodies (Dickenshied S.) PDS Training Group's Hands-On #1: Design a Bundle, Identify Collections, Develop LID Algorithms. Answers. (Crombie K.)
10:15am OpenPlanetaryMap: Building the First Open Planetary Mapping and Social Platform for Researchers, Educators, Storytellers, and the General Public (Manaud N.)  
10:30am JPython Spectral Analysis Tool (PySAT) for Preprocessing, Multivariate Analysis, and Machine Learning with Point Spectra (Anderson R. B.) Oxygen Demo, Eclipse Comments (Raugh A.)
10:45am Planetary Geologic Mapping Python Toolbox: A Suite of Tools to Support Mapping Workflows (Hunter M. A.)  
11:00am Crater Counting on Heavily Cratered Surfaces: Implementing Non-Sparseness Correction in an ArcGIS Independent Tool for Planetary Surface Dating (Riedel C.)  
11:15am Multi-Mission Geographic Information System for Science Operations: A Test Case Using MSL Data (PDS Training Group)  
11:30am Mastcam Stereo Analysis and Mosaics (MSAM) (Deen R. G.)  
11:45am Archiving GIS-Compatible Products in PDS (Milazzo M.) PDS Training Group's Hands-On #2: Design a Label for a Character Table (PLAID, Oxygen, Eclipse) (PDS Training Group)
1:30pm Lunaserv Demo (Estes N.)  
2:00pm ISIS3 Introduction (Becker T.)  
2:30pm ISIS3 Integrated Planetary Control Environment (IPCE) Demo (Edmundson K.) PDS Training Group's Hands-On #3: Design a Basic Product Label for an Image File (PDS Training Group)
3:15pm Ames Stereo Pipeline Demo (Beyer R.)  
3:45pm Python Tools (AutoCNET, Camera) Demo (Laura J.) Demo Validate Tool with a Known Error File (Raugh A.)
4:15pm Trek Tools Demo: Mars, Moon, Vesta, etc. (Law E.)  
4:45pm PDS Imaging POW and MAP2 Tools Demo (Akins S.)