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Presentations for 2017 Tuesday

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Tuesday: June 13, 2017
Time Humphreys



(Planetary Geologic Mappers' Meeting)

8:30am Announcements (Gaddis L.)  
8:35am PDS4 Overview and Status (Crichton D.)  
8:55am PDS4 Information Model (Hughes J. S.) Mapping Hrad Vallis, Mars (Mouginis-Mark P. J.)
9:15am PDS4: Realizing the Benefits (Raugh A. C.) Geologic Mapping of Central Valles Marineris, Mars, Year 4 (Fortezzo C. M.)
9:30am Strategy for Writing a Good Data Management Plan for a ROSES Proposal (Joy S. P.) Mapping the Stratigraphy of the Olympia Cavi, Planum Boreum, Using High-Resolution Data Sets (Skinner J. A. Jr.)
9:45am A Systems Engineering Approach to Planetary Data Archive Development (Crombie M. K.)  
10:15am Accessing Planetary Data Using PDS Geosciences Node’s Orbital Data Explorer (Arvidson R. E.) Geologic Mapping and Studies of Diverse Deposits at Noctis Labyrinthus, Mars (Weitz C. M.)
10:30am OPUS: A Comprehensive Search Tool for Remote Sensing Observations of the Outer Planets. Now with Enhanced Geometric Metadata for Cassini and New Horizons Optical Remote Sensing Instruments. (Gordon M. K.) Desciphering the Temporal and Spatial Relationships of Stratigraphic Units within the Claritas Region; Mars Through a New Preliminary 1:1,000,000-Scale Geological Map (Anderson R. C.)
10:45am PDS Analyst's Notebook for MSL and MER (Stein T. C.)  
11:00am NASA PDS IMG: Accessing Your Planetary Image Data (Padame J.)  
11:15am Archiving Derived Data with the PDS Atmospheres Node: The Educational Labeling System for Atmospheres (ELSA) (Neakrase L. D. V.) Photometric Modeling of Simulated Surface-Resolved Bennu Images (Golish D. R.)
11:30am PDS Label Assistant for Interactive Design (PLAID): Simplifying PDS4 Label Template Building (Algermissen S. S.) The HAMO-Based Global Geologic Map of Ceres (Mest S. C.)
11:45am Ongoing Work of Science Data Archive and Release in China Lunar Exploration Program (CLEP) (Zeng X. G.) Updating the Global Geologic Map of Europa (Leonard E. J.)
1:30pm Does PDS Need to Support a Medium Term "Archive?" (Deen R. G.) Mapping the Labyrinths of Titan (Malaska M. J.)
1:45pm Status of Software Preservation in Planetary Science (Million C.) Progress on a 1:2M Global Geologic Map of Enceladus (Patterson G. W.)
2:00pm PDS4 Tool Development: Leveraging the PDS4 Information Model (Hughes J. S.)  
2:15pm PDS4 Viewer: A Standalone Display Tool for PDS4 Data, Backed by a Python PDS4 Read-In API (talk). Demonstration. (Nagdimunov L.)  
2:30pm Next Generation Parallelization Systems for Processing and Control of PDS Image Node Assets (Verma R.)  
2:45pm Automated Content Detection for Cassini Images (Wagstaff K.)  
3:15pm Mars Target Encyclopedia: Information Extraction for Planetary Science (Wagstaff K. L.)  
3:30pm Interactive Machine Learning for Discovering Patterns in Spectral Data and Images (Oyen D. A.)  
3:45pm Sparse Multi-Image Control: The AutoCNET Library (Laura J. R.)  
4:00pm PhotoScan for Planetary and Analog Sites (Wagner R. V.)  
4:15pm Extracting Crater Shape Information from Narrow Angle Camera DTMs (Thompson T. J.)  
4:30pm Improved Access to Kaguya Hyperspectral Data (Haugaard Z.)  
4:45pm MoonDB: Update on the Restoration and Synthesis of Lunar Geochemical and Petrological Sample Data (Lehnert K. A.)