Lunar and Planetary Cartographic Catalog

Presentations for 2017 Thursday

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Thursday: June 15, 2017
Time Humphreys
8:30am Announcements (Hagerty J.)
8:35am MAPSIT Overview and Goals (Radebaugh J.)
8:55am Geologic Mapping Community Update (Williams D.)
9:15am MAPSIT: Other Community Discussions and Input (Radebaugh J.)
9:30am Planetary Spatial Data Infrastructure: Why We Need It (Hagerty J.)
10:00am The NASA-USGS Planetary Spatial Data Infrastructure Inter-Agency Agreement (Keszthelyi L.)
10:15am PSDI Foundational Products (Archinal, B.)
10:30am The NASA Planetary Data System's Cartography and Imaging Sciences Node and the Planetary Spatial Data Infrastructure (PSDI) Initiative (Gaddis L. R.)
11:00am MAPSIT Panel Discussion