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Presentations for 2017 Monday

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Monday: June 12, 2017
Time Humphreys



(Planetary Geologic Mappers' Meeting)

8:30am Welcome, Logistics, Opening Remarks (Gaddis L.)  
8:45am Geological Mapping Overview (Williams D.)
9:00am The NASA Context for a Planetary Spatial Data Infrastructure (Beyer R.) Welcome, Logisitcs, Opening Remarks (Williams D.)
9:15am Assessing the Variability and Relative Accuracy of Digital Terrain Models of Europa (Bland M.T.) Planetary Geologic Mapping Coordinator's Report to the Community (Skinner J.)
9:30am Ames Stereo Pipeline and LROC ASU Digital Terrain Model (DTM) Comparison (Brown H. M.) Cartographic Symbolization in Geologic and Geomorphologic Maps — Specified Collection and GIS-Based Implementation for Planetary Science (Naß A.)
9:45am High-Resolution Local-Area Digital Elevation Models and Derived Products for Mercury from MESSENGER Images (Manheim M. R.)  
10:00am A New Approach to Create Image Control Networks in ISIS (Becker K. J.) A Geologic Map of the Caloris Basin, Mercury (Buczkowski D. L.)
10:30am Geometric Calibration of the Clementine UVVIS Camera (Speyerer E. J.) Geologic Mapping of Ascraeus Mons, Mars (Mohr K. J.)
10:45am LROC NAC Photometry: A Global Photometric Function (Boyd A. K.) Geologic Mapping of the Summit and Western Flank of Alba Mons, Mars (Crown D. A.)
11:00am Mini-RF Image Processing and Data Product Generation (Turner F. S.)  
11:15am LRO Diviner Lunar Radiometer Global Data Products (Williams J. P.) Conversion of Seven Completed Maps into ArcGIS for Publication, Part 2 (Parker T. J.)
11:30am CRISM Multispectral and Hyperspectral Mapping Data — Observing Modes, Accumulated Coverage, Data Products, and Tile Mosaics (Seelos F. P.) Geologic Mapping in Southern Margaritifer Terra on Mars and the Evolution of Nirgal Vallis (Wilson S. A.)
11:45am The CRISM Analysis Toolkit (CAT): Overview and Recent Updates (Morgan M. F.) Geologic Mapping to Constrain the Sources and Timing of Fluvial Activity in Western Ladon Basin, Mars (Weitz C. M.)
1:30pm Creating True-Color Images of Mars from Spectrometer Data (Karides A. P.) Results of 1:24,000-Scale Geologic Mapping of Western Hadriacus Cavi, Mars (Skinner J. A. Jr.)
1:45pm Improved Data Analysis Tools for the Thermal Emission Spectrometer (Rodriguez K.)  
2:00pm Dawn Framing Camera Ceres Atlases (Roatsch T.) High-Resolution Geologic Mapping in Eastern Candor Chasma: 2017 Status Report (Okubo C. H.)
2:15pm Processing of AMICA and NIRS Observations of Asteroid Itokawa from the Hayabusa Mission (Le Corre L.) Geologic Map of the Source Region of Shalbatana Vallis, Mars (Berman D. C.)
2:30pm An Update on the IAU Working Group on Cartographic Coordinates and Rotational Elements and Its Upcoming Report (Archinal B. A.) The 1:1,000,000-Scale Geology of Western Libya Montes and Northwestern Tyrrhena Terra (Huff A. E.)
3:15pm What’s New in SPICE (Liukis M.) Characterization of Laterally Contiguous Phyllosilicate Deposits in West Margaritifer Terra, Mars (Seelos K. D.)
3:30pm From SPICE to Map-Projection, the Planetary Science Archive Approach to Enhance Visibility and Usability of ESA’s Space Science Data (Besse S.) Update on Mapping of the Aeolis Dorsa Region, Mars: Discovering Ever More Diversity in This Inverted Landscape (Burr D. M.)
3:45pm Building a Unique Scenario to Support Cross-Mission Science with SPICE: The Siding-Spring Comet Encounter with Mars (Costa M.)  
4:00pm Precision Pointing Reconstruction and Geometric Metadata Generation for Cassini Images (French R. S.) Geologic Mapping Community Discussion (Planetary Geologic Mappers)
4:15pm SpiceyPy, a Python Wrapper for SPICE (Annex A.)  
4:30pm Ruby SPICE Wrapper (Estes N. M.)  
4:45pm Will it Blend? Getting SPICE-y with DTMs and Planetary Visualization (Davis L. M.)