Below are workshop schedules from previous years' Planetary Dunes workshops.


Announcement and Schedule for the Fourth International Planetary Dunes Workshop, Boise, ID, USA (May 19-22, 2015)

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Purpose and Scope

The purpose of this meeting is to provide a forum for discussion and the exchange of new ideas and approaches to gaining new insights into the aeolian processes that form and maintain dune fields on Earth and other planetary bodies within the solar system.
Landforms and deposits created by the dynamic interactions between granular material and airflow (aeolian processes) occur on several planetary bodies, including Earth, Mars, Titan, and Venus. The recognition of landforms on other planetary bodies requires use of terrestrial analogues in a well-established methodology for interpretation of landforms observed on orbital and lander images of other planetary bodies. Based on the paradigm that morphologically similar landforms are formed in essentially the same manner on different planetary surfaces, this approach can indicate the types of surface processes and environments that occur on an unfamiliar landscape, provided that the fundamentals of the landforms and processes are well understood on Earth.
We plan to hold a workshop incorporating oral and poster presentations as well as extended discussion dispersed around a one-day field trip to study Aeolian features in the Bruneau Dunes State Park, ID. This year, the theme of the workshop will be the integration of models, remote sensing and field data to increase our fundamental understanding of dune fields on other planetary bodies.
The workshop will bring together researchers with interests in planetary dunes from diverse backgrounds in image analysis, modeling, and terrestrial analogue studies. A small group setting will facilitate intensive discussion of problems and issues in an attempt to identify the most promising approaches to understanding these dune systems and to develop a collaborative interdisciplinary research agenda.

Field Trips

The conference will include a full-day field trip to Bruneau Dunes State Park, ID, 20th May 2014. The field trip will be led by Dr. James Zimbelman who is conducting research studies of this location.

Meeting Format
Oral presentations and evening poster session May 19th
Field trip: Bruneau Dunes State Park, ID May 20th
Oral presentations May 21st
Oral presentations; workshop will conclude at noon May 22nd

Indication of Interest

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Further details regarding the meeting, including the call for abstracts and registration information, will be included in the second announcement, available on this website at the end of December. The deadline for abstract submission will be March 5, 2015.
A registration form will be provided in the second announcement.


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Important Dates
Deadline for submitting indication of interest December 30th, 2014
Second announcement, including call for abstracts and registration, posted on this website December 30th, 2014
Abstract deadline March 5th, 2015
Final announcement with program and abstracts posted on this website April 8th, 2015