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Planetary GIS Training for Mappers

Introduction to GIS for Planetary Mappers
July 29-31, 2015
(optional afternoon session on the 29th)

U.S. Geologic Survey -- Flagstaff, Arizona

Workshop Hosts: Trent Hare, Corey Fortezzo and Jim Skinner

We would like to invite researchers from the planetary mapping community to join us for two and half days of hands-on GIS training. While we will focus on the use of Esri's ArcMap for geologic mapping, we will also cover the uses of ISIS3 and QGIS, and JMars. The goal of the workshop will be to teach the participants how to initiate, organize, and implement "best practices" for a digital planetary mapping project including:

  • Database design and implementation (file geodatabases, domains, symbology).
  • Editing feature layer tips (new methods for ArcMap 10).
  • Cartographic techniques (layouts, grids, annotation).
  • Crater tools and plotting tips (including a simple demostration of craterstats).
  • Built-in planetary support for ArcMap 10 (reading PDS, ISIS3 files and the limitations).
  • Data set ingestion, projection and registration issues.
  • Overlay analysis, geodesic tools and 3-D visualization techniques.
  • Information management and delivery.
  • Community tools to help prepare data for your GIS project.

Participation and Registration

The workshop will be held by the USGS in Flagstaff Arizona. Seating is limited to 20 people. We will be using a GIS lab on the Northern Arizona University campus although participants can bring their own laptops running ArcMap. Graduate students and post-docs are encouraged to attend. A DVD or USB drive containing presentation materials and software tools will be provided.


Please respond with an indication of interest no later than June 30, 2015. A second announcement for the workshop will be sent out to all responders containing details about the local hotels, maps, and meeting agenda.

Registration will be on a first-come basis. To register for the workshop, send the following information to Trent Hare -

Full name:


E-mail address:

GIS experience level:

Planetary bodies or data you are interested in:

GIS analysis interests (geologic, feature mapping, etc.):

Note: The days preceeding this workshop, the same week, the USGS is also sponsering a three day Socet Set workshop at the Planetary Photogrammetry Guest Facility. Both can be attended. Workshops are sponsered by NASA's Cartography Program.