PDS Imaging Node Annex for Geospatial Products

This form is intended for use by planetary science investigators who have a specific scientific need to deliver derived geospatial data products to the public. Data products should be derived from an official PDS archive but are not part of that archive; such products are often created later in a mission from archived data as part of a NASA-funded research or restoration project.

Following submission of this information and preliminary review by the Imaging Node, users will be asked to provide detailed metadata for the product(s), including image/product size, map projection used, geographic extent, etc. For a few image or map formats (e.g., ISIS Cube, PDS img, GeoTiff, Shapefile), some product details can automatically be gathered. Examples of geospatial data products and required metadata include the Clementine UVVIS Warped Mosaic (image) or Renovated Lunar Global Geologic Maps (GIS).

* Denotes a required field.

Information about You
Information about Data Product(s)
Examples include image mosaics, band ratios, digital elevation models (DEMs), GIS-formatted feature data sets (craters, channels, etc.).
Short description of the data set.
A short summary of why the data set was created and what scientific need it addresses.
Publications about creation and/or use of the data set. Abstracts are acceptable but peer-reviewed articles are preferred. In progress or submitted data sets are also okay.
Anticipated size in megabytes or gigabytes.
If you have questions, please email our PDS Manager (astroweb@usgs.gov) rather than partially filling out this form.