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Lunar Orbiter Digitization Project

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What's New!

Cosmetically enhanced frames are now available for download. There are two phases of cosmetic processing. The first, "nodash" products, removed or minimized the white synchronization read-out dashes found along the margins of the filmstrips where possible. Smoothing filters have also been applied to these frames to reduce the effects of film grain. The second, "cosmo" products, reduced the "Venetian blind" striping noticeable in most frames. Both of these products can be obtained through the same link as the "raw" data products. Please note the results of the first level cosmetic processing (nodash) are not readily apparent in the thumbnail or preview images, but only through the download data. As they are produced, additional "nodash" and "cosmo" frames will be added to the site.

Status & Download: Very High Resolution

Status & Data Download Maps

Click the small map (below) to view a larger map showing the status of the digitization and construction of the Very High Resolution Lunar Orbiter frames for various sites. On the larger map, moving the mouse over the site numbers will present a listing of scanned and constructed frames. Frames in the lists available for download will be linked. Click linked frames to go to the frame download page.

[Very High Resolution: Status Maps]

Lunar Orbiter III Status Map
950 x 740, 375 KB

[Very High Resolution: Status Maps]

Lunar Orbiter V Status Map
950 x 740, 290 KB

Completed Frame Listing

Select a listing option below to see a comprehensive list of completed frames available for preview and download.

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Digital "Guide to Lunar Orbiter Photographs" (NASA SP-242)

NASA SP-242 - Guide to Lunar Orbiter Photographs (PDF, 99MB): Download a digital version of the 1970 NASA publication, Guide to Lunar Orbiter Photographs (NASA SP-242). This document can be viewed with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

This invaluable publication provides background information on the Lunar Orbiter missions and summarizes the details of the photography returned by the spacecraft. Included are site location maps for each mission as well as frame boundary plots at each site for all missions, with emphasis on missions I, II, III and V.

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