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Lunar Orbiter Digitization Project

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What's New!

A digital cartographic global Lunar Orbiter (LO) mosaic is now available through the PDS Map-a-Planet web site as well as the U.S.G.S. Planetary GIS Web Server ( PIGWAD). More information regarding this preliminary digital mosaic will be made available on the Map-a-Planet web site.

First order cosmetically enhanced frames are now available for download for many of the global frames. This phase of cosmetic processing removed or minimized the white synchronization read-out dashes found along the margins of the filmstrips where possible. Smoothing filters have also been applied to these frames to reduce the effects of film grain. These "nodash" products can be obtained through the same link as the "raw" data products. Please note the results of this first level cosmetic processing are not readily apparent in the thumbnail or preview images, but only through the download data. As they are produced, additional "nodash" frames will be added to the site.

Currently underway is the second phase of cosmetic processing which reduces the "Venetian blind" striping noticeable in most frames. Please visit us in the near future for updates on this "cosmo" product.

Status & Download: Global

Status & Data Download Maps

Click a region below to view a map showing the status of the digitization and construction of the Lunar Orbiter frames for that area. The resulting map (~400 kilobytes) also provides access to data available for download.

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Completed Frame Listing

Select a listing option below to see a comprehensive list of completed frames available for preview and download.

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Status Maps by Mission

Select a mission to view the coverage of completed scanned frames. H (High) and M (Medium) refer to the image resolution of the original frame. Maps range from 100 to 300 kilobytes.

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