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Sols 828-829: Looking Closer at the Chinle Outcrop

Astrogeology News: 3 December 2014

By Ryan Anderson Today all three USGS bloggers were on MSL operations! I was on duty as the Science Payload Downlink Lead (sPDL) for ChemCam, meaning that it was my job to check all of the science…

Sol 833-834: New Results From The Murray Formation

Astrogeology News: 8 December 2014

By Ryan Anderson The main excitement today was that, as the team was busy planning for sols 833 and 834, NASA held a press conference to share some of the results of our recent investigations in the…

Sol 745 Update on Curiosity from USGS Scientist Ryan Anderson: Untargeted Science

Astrogeology News: 9 September 2014

We have not received any data from sol 744 yet, so sol 745 is a simple day of untargeted remote sensing. ChemCam has an observation of the sky (with the laser off) to measure the gases in the…

Sol 744 Update on Curiosity from USGS Scientist Ryan Anderson: Driving in Amargosa Valley

Astrogeology News: 8 September 2014

The weekend plan was successful: we got good data from the Homewood contact science target, plus a nice long 92.6 meter drive on Sol 743. The plan for Sol 744 is to do routine wheel imaging, plus…

Sols 816-818 Update On Curiosity From USGS Scientist Lauren Edgar: Leaving Book Cliffs

Astrogeology News: 21 November 2014

Over the weekend 3-sol plan, Curiosity will wrap up the investigation at Book Cliffs and drive toward Alexander Hills and Carnivore Canyon.   It’s been a great week at Book Cliffs,…