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Sols 862-863: Goodbye Whale Rock!

7 January 2015

by Ryan AndersonIt’s time to hit the road again! In the Sol 862-863 plan, we are wrapping things up at “Whale Rock” and then driving about 85 m toward “Pink Cliffs”, where we hope to drill sometime soon. On Sol 862, Mastcam will take a few parting shots of Whale Rock… Read More

Sols 860-861: Happy New (Earth) Year!

5 January 2015

by Ryan AndersonHappy New (Earth) Year!   After the long holiday plans, the Curiosity team is back to planning two days at a time. The main priority for the sol 860 plan is to use MAHLI to take close-up color images of the targets “Sierra Nevada”, “Santa Ana,” and… Read More

Sols 853-859: Christmas on Mars

29 December 2014

By Lauren EdgarOn December 19th, the MSL tactical team planned 10 sols (!) on Mars, so that everyone could take a nice break over the holidays.  That means that today we are assessing all of those sols of data, and checking out all of the “presents” that Curiosity acquired for us!… Read More

Sol 843-852: Brushing "Santa Ana"

19 December 2014

by Ken Herkenhoff The Sol 842 command sequences were successfully received by Curiosity, and all the data needed for planning were returned to Earth, including MAHLI images of the right front wheel. These and other data were thoroughly analyzed, and the slip risk assessment team concluded… Read More

Sol 842: Trying again...

18 December 2014

by Ken Herkenhoff Unfortunately, the Sol 841 command sequences could not be sent to MSL because of a transmitter problem at the Deep Space Network (DSN) antenna.  This reminded me not to take for granted communications between Earth and Mars, even though such problems are rare. … Read More

Sol 841: ChemCam Recovery

17 December 2014

by Ken Herkenhoff I was happy to see that the Sol 840 MAHLI images we planned on Monday came out nicely.  There was no MSL tactical planning yesterday, because of the offset between Mars time and Pacific time, and planning started at 6 AM PST today.  We were hoping to be able to… Read More

Sol 840: High Tilt

15 December 2014

by Ken Herkenhoff The 5-meter drive planned for Sol 837 placed the rover near dubbed "Whale Rock" as intended. Front Hazcam images show blocks that appear to have fallen from the outcrop and in-place bedrock patches; both can be reached by the arm instruments, so the Sol 840 plan includes… Read More

Map of Western Candor Colles Region of Mars released

12 December 2014

Astrogeology scientist Chris Okubo's HiRISE-based geologic map titled Bedrock Geologic and Structural Map Through the Western Candor Colles Region of Mars was publically released today. This new map provides geologic and structural information on layered sedimentary rocks at a scale comparable to… Read More

Sols 835-836: Driving to Whale Rock

10 December 2014

 By Lauren Edgar After a successful investigation of the Chinle outcrop, Curiosity is ready to move on to the Whale Rock outcrop.  Today we are planning two sols, and on the first sol we’ll finish up a few last targeted observations at Chinle.  The plan includes a ChemCam… Read More

New Name Approved for Crater on Mars

9 December 2014

The IAU Working Group for Planetary System Nomenclature has approved the name Esira for a crater on Mars. For more information, see the Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature.