Astrogeology Science Center

Sol 1500: So long Sebina

24 October 2016

Over the weekend Curiosity completed her investigation of the “Sebina” drill site, and we’re back on the road again.  Before we hit the road we took another MAHLI image of the drill hole, and noticed just how quickly the wind has swept away the fines.  The two images… Read More

Sol 1496: Successful Drill!

21 October 2016

Yesterday’s plan went well and we have a new drill hole on Mars! The plan for Sol 1496 starts with a ChemCam passive observation of the dump pile of material from “Quela”, our previous drill hole. ChemCam also has passive observations of the tailings from the new hole at… Read More

Sols 1497-1499: A Very Busy Weekend

21 October 2016

We’ve got quite a plan in store for the weekend, with every single instrument doing something, multiple arm activities, and a drive. Curiosity’s battery will be run all the way down to 35% which is quite rare, but necessary when there’s a lot to do! Sol 1497 starts off with… Read More

Sol 1495: Full drill

19 October 2016

The thumbnail of the Sol 1494 MAHLI image showed that the Quela dump pile had been moved by the wind again!  The MAHLI team is concerned that windblown sand and dust might damage or contaminate the camera's optics, so they decided to open the MAHLI dust cover only for images taken from 25… Read More

Sol 1494: A windy sol

18 October 2016

When we looked at the latest data from MSL this morning, we noticed that the MAHLI and ChemCam RMI images of the Quela dump pile were unexpectedly offset from the center of the pile.  After looking at more of the recent images, it became clear that the dump pile had been moved by… Read More

Sols 1491-1492: Soliday at Sebina

17 October 2016

With the weekend plan, we officially started our drill campaign on the target “Sebina,” so we will be staying in this location through the week. On Sol 1491 we dumped out the post-sieve sample from our previous drill hole at “Quela”, and did some brushing on Sebina, followed… Read More

Sol 1493: Cleaning CHIMRA

17 October 2016

The activities planned for last weekend went well, so preparations for drilling continued on Sol 1493.  In the morning, a Right Mastcam mosaic of a ridge to the west of the rover will be followed by a passive ChemCam spectral measurement of the sieved fraction of the Quela drill… Read More

Sols 1489-1490: 100 m of Mount Sharp!

12 October 2016

As of today, Curiosity has reached an elevation that is 100 m above the Confidence Hills site, where we first encountered the Murray formation.  That means that in the last 2 years we’ve climbed through 100 m of stratigraphy forming the base of Mount Sharp.  This is amazing… Read More

Sols 1487-1488: Cleaning CheMin

10 October 2016

While some of us enjoyed the Columbus Day holiday, MSL continued working on Mars.  The rover drove over 36 meters on Sol 1485, and another drive is planned for Sol 1487.  But first, ChemCam and Mastcam will observe vein and bedrock targets named "Palapye," "Tutume," "Shoshong," and… Read More

Sols 1484-1486: Dropping off samples to SAM

7 October 2016

The MSL rover made another 40 meters of progress up the flank of Mt. Sharp on Sol 1482, and there were multiple bedrock blocks within reach of the arm for the weekend plan.  A smooth patch on a nearby block was selected for DRT brushing and associated imaging, and named "Serowe."  The… Read More