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Lunar Orbiter Digitization Project

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Data Access: Very High Resolution

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1 Filename convention: vhr_[Mission][Frame]_[Resolution][Subframe][Modifier]
Corresponds (where applicable) to frame naming convention from Bowker and Hughs (1971):
  • Mission: single digit number representing the Lunar Orbiter mission (1 through 5).
  • Frame: 3 digit frame number.
  • Resolution: 'h' (high) or 'med' (medium).
  • Subframe: single digit representing the subframe number. Range depends on how many subframes the frame is broken into. If there is no subframe number, the subframe is the entire frame.
  • Modifier:
    • None: Cosmetically enhanced data
    • _raw: Raw, unenhanced data
    • _nodash: White dashes removed from data
    • _cosmo: Striping subdued, gaps filled and strip numbers trimmed off
    • _proj: Projected data
2 Each GZIP file is a compressed archive containing the image data (100 micron resolution) in a TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) file. The thumbnails and preview images have been rotated to have a display format which is consistent with that of the Global format, however, north is not necessarily at the top of these images. The TIFF images have not been rotated from their original constructed format. The uncompressed TIFF file is approximately 25 megabytes. The GZIP archive can be uncompressed with utilities such as gunzip (Unix/Linux), WinZip (Microsoft Windows), or Aladdin Systems' Stuffit (Mac).

3 Date and 24-hour time are given as Year/Month/Day Hour:Minute

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