Astrogeology Science Center

The joint USGS/NASA Regional Planetary Image Facility (RPIF) at the Astrogeology Science Center in Flagstaff, Arizona is a planetary archive, reference library, and repository for photographic and supplemental engineering data products. These products include digital datasets derived from all NASA spacecraft missions as well as Earth-based observational data. Our main product is the USGS planetary map collection and a primary aspect of our mission is their distribution. In addition to being the source for planetary maps, the Flagstaff RPIF has unique materials housed in its collections. It is a site for ongoing planetary studies, and has valuable connections to other U.S. Geological Survey repositories of terrestrial geologic materials.

RPIF: Regional Planetary Processing Facility NASA USGS: Science for a Changing World


RPIF Director: Justin Hagerty, Ph.D. (928) 556-7173
RPIF Manager: David S. F. Portree, M.S. (928) 556-7037
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