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 Planetary Data: A Workshop for Users and Software Developers 2012

The Planetary Data: A Workshop for Users and Software Developers was held June 25-29, 2012, at Northern Arizona University (NAU) in Flagstaff, Arizona.  The two main content tracks successfully shared a common day on Wednesday to hold talks of overlapping interest. One or both tracks can be attended and there is no registration fee for either.

Published Abstract Volume

Agenda and presentations (individual days are listed across top of agenda page).  

Purpose and Scope

Planetary Data  Users Track

Planetary Software Developers Track


Share information on digital planetary data, including availability, access and analysis methods.


Present how-to guides for locating, acquiring, processing and working with digital planetary data.


Bring researchers and technology experts together to discuss and exchange ideas to identify difficult planetary research issues that can be addressed by software development.


Present planetary data processing and software development methods and techniques.



This workshop track will provide a forum for discussion of available planetary data, including a summary of how these data are located, downloaded, processed, and used for cartography and scientific data analysis.


To facilitate planetary research, differing techniques are used across the community to solve issues related to data access, calibration, processing, fusion, and the creation of derived scientific products. These individual products help scientists to portray morphologic, topographic, and spectral compositions but prove to be more valuable by bringing the observations into a common spatial and visualization system.  

Data User Track

Common Day

Software Developer Track

Monday 25th

Tuesday 26th

Wednesday 27th

Thursday 28th

Friday 29th

agenda - presentations for data users

agenda - presentations for data users 

agenda - cooperative presentations linking developers and users

agenda - developer presentations

unconference – developer topics based on previous days


The Planetary Data Users track is sponsored by the NASA Planetary Data System, the Planetary Geology and Geophysics Program, and the Regional Planetary Image Facility Network. The Planetary Software Developers track is sponsored by the NASA PG&G Cartography Program.

Meeting Format

Both workshop tracks will include invited and contributed oral presentations, directed discussions and poster presentations. The last day will utilize an “unconference” format where the agenda will be defined by participants (based on previous workshop discussions). Several break-out rooms will be available for special interest groups and/or demos and displays. Abstracts, presentations and any how-to guides will be posted on-line at the workshop Web site.

Oral Presentations: The meeting will be structured with morning and afternoon oral sessions organized around topical themes. Single-speaker presentations will be allocated 15 to 30 minutes (from quick lightning-style presentations, to longer keynote addresses, as requested and appropriate) and will contain ample time for questions and discussion. Panel or community discussion sessions will be included as needed, and will be used for the common day, Wednesday, June 27, to facilitate discussion between the two tracks. Audio-visual equipment available for presentations will include one LCD projector per room. Wireless Internet access will be available. 

Poster Presentations: Posters will be viewable during the entire workshop. Posters may be installed at any time during the week and will be left on display through Friday noon, June 29, at which time they must be removed. Each poster will have a space 44" × 44" (1.1 m × 1.1 m) for display. Tables will be available for participants to present interactive software demos or videos.

Accommodations:  Participants are responsible for their own travel and lodging costs. For your convenience, a list of local hotels and a local area map showing Northern Arizona University and Flagstaff are provided.



  • June 25-29, 2012       Workshop: Data Users  (June 25-27), Software Developers (June 27-29)



For information about the Planetary Data Users Track (June 25-27), please contact:


Lisa Gaddis and Dr. Edward Guinness 

 USGS, Washington University

E-mail: lgaddi,

For information about the 2012 Planetary Software Developers Track (June 27-29), please contact :


Trent Hare and Dr. Ross Beyer