The Venus Geologic Mappers' Handbook


We particularly wish to thank David Scott (retired USGS) and James Dohm (USGS) for sharing their expertise in coordinating a planetary mapping program and Michael Fienen (formerly USGS) for carrying out various Magellan-based geologic mapping studies of Venus to assist us in determining the challenges that mappers will face. Other useful suggestions and information that have shaped the contents of this handbook were provided by Larry Crumpler (Brown Univ.), Peter Ford (Massachusetts Inst. Tech.), Ron Greeley (Arizona State Univ.), Randy Kirk (USGS), Ted Maxwell (Smithsonian Inst.), Haig Morgan (USGS), Joel Russell (USGS), Jim Underwood (Kansas State Univ.), and Doris Weir (USGS). Funding for the handbook was provided by NASA's Planetary Geology and Geophysics Program.