NASA/USGS Planetary Geologic Mapping Program

Planet Image Map

Lunar Geologic Mapping

Mapping Scheme and Layout

At a mapping scale of 1:2,500,000 the Moon is divided into 30 map quadrangles. Proposers should identify clearly which quadrangle(s) they are interesed in mapping. Of the 30 quadrangles to be mapped, only lq 11 (Copernicus quadrangle) has been mapped using the new digital map bases.

Select a location on the map below to see the map projection for that area.

Planet Image Map Polar Latitudes North Middle Latitudes North Equatorial Latitudes North Equatorial Latitudes Sorth Middle Latitudes Sorth Polar Latitudes Sorth

Lunar 1:2.5M Geologic Maps in Progress

Quadrangle name Mapper Status -
Publication Year
Map Number
LQ-10 Marius Tracy K. P. Gregg Mapping in Progress  
LQ-11 Copernicus Lisa Gaddis / James Skinner Mapping in Progress  
LQ-29   Aileen Yingst Mapping in Progress  
LQ-30   Scott Mest Mapping in Progress