Venus Mapping White Paper

Open-File Report 95-519

Appendix 4

How to Obtain GIPS and MGMDQE

GIPS, an excellent package for manipulating Magellan image data, is available through the licensing office at MIT for a minimal cost. Write to:

Peter Richards

MIT Technology Licensing

Bldng. E32-300

Cambridge, MA 02142-1324

MGMDQE is available over the Internet from MIT, and the ARCDR CD-ROM's contain useful software as well (from the /software directory on an ARCDR):

a program called ARCDRLST which generates ASCII listings of selected ARCDR fields. This program is described in the ARCDRLST.TXT file.

a subroutine library called MGMLIB whose routines can be called by higher-level user-written software to read, write, and update binary data records and fields. They are documented in the MGMLIB.TXT file, which is also present as a UNIX manual file in MGMLIB.MAN.

NOTE: there exists a public domain software package called MGMDQE that displays ARCDR data files on Sun SPARCstations using the SunView interface. This code will also execute under the OpenWindows interface, but it is NOT a true X Window application. Internet users can copy it via anonymous ftp from the "" server [] in the file named "mgn/bin/mgmdqe.vvvv.sparc.tar.Z", where "vvvv" represents the latest version number. This file should be copied in BINARY mode.