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USGS Shoemaker Center for Astrogeology Dedication

Apollo 17 astronaut Jack Schmitt giving his dedication speech

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Around 300 guests were in attendance for the dedication of the new Shoemaker Center for Astrogeology building here in Flagstaff, Arizona. Guest speakers included Apollo 17 astronaut Harrison H. "Jack" Schmitt, Carolyn Shoemaker, Donald Beattie, Gordon Swann, and USGS Director Chip Groat. After the ceremonies, visitors took tours of the new building, chatting Astrogeology scientists and staff, and meeting old friends.


Astrogeology Program Chief Scientist Wes Ward leading a group of visitors on a tour of the new building

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Carolyn Shoemaker, Putty Mills (right), and George Ulrich relax on Grover (Geologic Rover) and reminisce about the Apollo days and the building of the rover that was used in training astronauts.

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