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New PBS Special on Astronomy and Interactive Web Site

"Seeing in the Dark," a dramatic new PBS special by award-winning journalist and author Timothy Ferris, premieres at 8 pm September 19th on most PBS stations (check local listings for exact dates and times.) It explores the delights and rewards of amateur astronomy and chronicles the contributions that amateurs are making to the science and art of astronomy. The program was produced in state-of-the-art high definition and features beautiful images and animations that range from the planets to depths of space.

Accompanying the show is a new interactive web site. Among the many things you can do at the web site are:

  • view or print "Your Sky Tonight" sky chart
  • watch introductory "how-to-videos" on getting started with the hobby of astronomy
  • read more about the astronomers featured in the show and get background information about the astronomy it covers
  • explore a series of class-room tested, hands-on activities for students in grades 2 through 12
  • browse through a gallery of beautiful color images of the cosmos
  • find a star whose light left on its journey toward us in the year you were born
  • discover some fun projects and games for families
  • watch the amazing special effects videos from Seeing in the Dark on your computer
  • browse through links to some of the best web sites for learning more about astronomy, and finding an astronomy club near you
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