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Solar System Poetry

Stuart Atkinson, a U.K. writer and amateur astronomer, maintains a blog of his beautiful solar system poetry called The Verse. A snippet from his poem entitled "Titan":

The first time I saw you
I was twelve. Standing alone
In the crisp Christmas snow, eyes watering
With the cold I peered into my new
Telescope’s eyepiece and there you were:
A tiny – golden? – glint, a hint,
A spark of light beside
The badly-focussed globe of Saturn.

Looking at you even then I knew
That “moon” was far too shy a word.
Centuries of spying on you
Had revealed to Man the Truth,
That you were a World, a Planet
In all but name. Plaque-carrying Pioneers
And Voyagers had already sailed past you,
Cameras clicking in the cold
Of space, but your face remained
Hidden beneath that veil of ochre,
Choking cloud; our first emissaries found
No Mariner mountains poking through…

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