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Mars Educator Workshops

Thursday, February 2, 2006


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February 25, 2006: ASU Mars Education Program has great guest speakers and workshops coming up in Tempe, Arizona this month. There are applications, deadlines, and low cost associated with these, therefore, if you're interested, certainly you must soon "beam up Scotty," otherwise sign up.

Overview of Institute, Field Trip and Hands-on Workshop:This institute will have three main educational goals for teachers:
1) To help teachers understand the process of science (using current Mars exploration as the primary example);
2) To show how scientists can compare rocks and minerals on terrestrial planets (such as Earth and Mars) to learn about the history of the planet; and
3) To highlight the methods in which scientists can interpret data they collect through remote sensing methods (e.g., spacecraft at Mars).Dr. Phil Christensen will be leading this institute and is a proponent of connecting space scientists and educators together to create unique, world-class learning experiences. Join us for an extraordinary time of immersive learning that you can share with your students!

NASA/ASU Mars Educator Workshop Inspiring the Next Generation:
What They Need to Know To Go

Learn how to integrate current science into your curricular materials. Special Mars Mission guest speakers will be Dr. Mark Adler from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Dr. Phil Christensen from the Mars Space Flight Facility at ASU. All materials presented in the workshop are Standards-based and relate to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) subjects. These activities and materials can be used for interdisciplinary lessons as well. Join us for a great day of fun, classroom-friendly, hands-on activities. You won’t want to miss this workshop! Invite a friend!

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