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Flagstaff Festival of Science

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Festival of Science logo 2005 Flagstaff Festival of Science -

Swing into Science! From the tops of Earth's tallest trees to Saturn's mysterious moon, Titan, you'll want to Swing into Science during this 10-day adventure that may well find you exploring centuries-old volcanoes, falling for a frog, or throwing an atlatl!

USGS Astrogeology Research Program scientists and technical experts will be giving numerous talks on local and planetary science and leading a field trip to explore the San Francisco Volcanic Field! Join us at Science in the Park and meet Astrogeologists and our fellow USGS earth scientists, where we'll have hands-on demos and displays!

swing into science logoA summary of USGS events:

Saturday, Sept. 24
Science in the Park
10 a.m. - 2 p.m., Wheeler Park

Tuesday, Sept. 27
Mars Exploration Rover Missions
5 p.m., Lowell Observatory

Wednesday, Sept. 28
The Mysteries of Titan: New Images & Results from Cassini
7 p.m., Museum of Northern Arizona

Saturday, Oct. 1
Geology of the Escalante
9:40 a.m., Coconino Community College, V. Philip Tullar Commons

Sunday, Oct. 2
Volcanism in the San Francisco Volcanic Field Trip
Call for reservations, 928-556-7173

Follow the link below to continue reading about USGS Festival of Science activities, or visit the 2005 Flagstaff Festival of Science website for complete information about this event, which features activities from science organizations around Flagtaff, including Lowell Observatory, Gore, Naval Observatory, Northern Arizona University, and more!

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